Custom Birth Kit

At 32 weeks we will be discussing your birth kit and what to order. We would like to have your birth kit at your home and complete by 36 weeks. We also ask you to get additional items in addition to your birth kit (listed below)

Instructions for ordering your kit:

The birth kit has required items that will come with your kits.

Plus optional items that you can customize your kit with: (If you do not want the item, do not select it)

Water birth: If you are having a water birth please select the liner at precious arrows as this is the liner that fits my pool. We do need the accessories. You are welcome to get there here or somewhere else, but we do need those items if you have a water birth.

Mesh panties vs Depends:

Mesh panties are see-through, easy to wash and dry and reuse. You do need to get the OB pads or you can get overnight pads from the store.

Depends are like diaper and are wonderful to have if your water broke during labor or for the first day or two after birth. I have an option for 2 or 4 in the kit, if you want to get more, I suggest purchasing them separately. A trick to make them last longer is to add a pad inside the depends so you do not have to change out the depends every time, but you keep the added leak protection.

Newborn procedures items:

Please note we will be discussing both Vitamin K and the Eye ointment in one of our prenatals so you may decide if want us to administer these to your baby or if you wish to decline.

Vitamin K: your options are to have the injectable vitamin K, or the oral vitamin K or decline (not clicking item)

Postpartum healing items:

Arnica: promotes healing from blood loss and bruising. -I suggest all moms get this if they do not already have some at home.

Wishgarden Afterbirth Sitz bath: Enjoy a herbal bath the next day after birth to help with healing.

Additional items to get from around your house or the store:

(some items are hyperlinked for examples, you may choose your own brands and where you want to purchase items)

1.        Large Flat-Bottom Mixing Bowl- for placenta

2.        Thermometer

3.        Olive Oil   (perineum support and to put on the baby’s bum the first few days. -it helps clean off meconium better)

4.        Adult Diapers- if you did NOT order a few in your birth kit, you may want to consider purchase a bag of them. You can use normal underwear, or mesh underwear with large pads as well.

5.        Plastic Sheeting or Tarp, Water Proof Mattress Cover, or Shower Curtain if you did not order a bed liner in your birth kits, please get a few shower curtains from the dollar store or you can get an actual plastic sheet or medium grade painters plastic. -this is to cover your bed, and under the pool anywhere else you want to protect from water.

6.        6-12 Receiving Blankets get some blankets that can get stained. We do start laundry but we can not guarantee all stains will come out. (Thrift store blankets are perfect!)

7.        6-8 Bath Towels & 6 Hand Towels –may get stained.

8.        2-6 Washcloths–may get stained.

9.      Heating Pad or Hot Water Bottle or, rice sock, and cold packs    -optional- comfort measure for labor.

10..     2 Large Black Yard Waste Garbage Bags

12.     Large package of Large Super-Absorbent Sanitary (if you did not purchase with kit or you want extras)

13.     Kitchen Size Garbage Bags

14.      Lead-Free Hose- water birth only (if you didn’t order in kit)  -make sure it is long enough to reach from your water supply to where you want the tub

15.     2 Sets of Sheets to fit the birth bed   Get them from a thrift store! We will want you to put one set on the bed, then a layer of plastic (mentioned above) then a second set of sheets on top of plastic for the birth.

16.     Labor food protein foods-almond butter, yoghurt, something she can take a small bite at the time.  And don’t forget food for the dad! -something that will give him fuel to stay up all night long-healthy foods, and maybe some caffeine!

17.     Hydrating Liquid   -coconut water, or recharge is a natural “Gatorade”- look at natural grocers. Gatorade Is ok too, just has more sugars

18.     Hydrogen Peroxide

a.         1-2 bottles.  Helps us clean up!

19.     Ibuprofen for afterpains

20. Salt- cheap table salt to add to laundry to get stains out