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As aspen trees grow, their roots become a community that supports each other and creates new life.


Wooden Gate Acupuncture

Acupuncture is an ancient and incredibly effective form of medicine. It is a non-invasive, simple, and safe way to heal your body. I specialize in every stage of a women's life, pre-menstrual, fertility & pre-conception, post-menopausal and pregnancy. Through Acupuncture and herbal medicine, I work with your body's innate ability to heal from the inside out.

Amy is also a doula and we love having her attend births with us! She is also one of my back up doulas in the rare chance I am called away from your birth (for doula clients).


Rocky Mountain Lactation

I’m Ana M. Hill IBCLC, your Denver lactation consultant!

I’ve been working with families for many years, focusing on breastfeeding education and support. I facilitate breastfeeding support groups in the Denver metro area, I offer lactations consults both in-home and at my office (same office as Aspen Roots Midwifery, LLC) , and I teach breastfeeding classes for parents at several locations around the city. I also rent out hospital grade nursing pumps.

Ruth adjusting baby for tongue tie release and releasing the cranial bones after molding of birth

Ruth adjusting baby for tongue tie release and releasing the cranial bones after molding of birth

Shepard's Den Alternative Health

Homeopathy, Homeoprophylaxis, CEASE Therapy and Craniosacral Therapy with Myofascial Unwinding

If there was one person that I would have all the newborns visit it would be Ruth! Ruth has a special, gentle touch that can help a newborn “unwind” after birth. I have watched her help with my littlest clients mal-positions in their bodies from having a hand close to their face when they were born, or helping them straighten out after favoring one side of mama when growing. She is also the FIRST person I would refer to if there is a worry about tongue or lip ties. She is also great for moms (and dads!) getting their body functioning after pregnancy.

Ruth also is a homeopathic practitioner and we regularly consult each other on homeopathic remedies for clients. Located in the Denver West Area, Golden, CO


Renew Health and Wellness (Chiropractic

“We offer whole body wellness—top to bottom from the inside out.Without the proper building blocks such as freely moving joints, vitamins and minerals to construct healthy bodies, and emotional well being, a person’s health cannot reach its full potential. We are here to enable your body to heal itself and reach your optimal wellness goals.”

I highly recommend Jessica Fish, DC. She really takes the time to adjust your body through muscle testing each part of the body to know how to adjust it. She is very intune to what the body is saying.