Homebirth Midwifery Care


Prenatal Care


Initial Appointment

The initial appointment is longer appointment where we get to know you and your family. During this appointment we will...

  • Go over contract and informed consents for care,

  • Discuss your health history,

  • Talk about your nutrition,

  • Discuss and decide laboratory tests you might need or want,

  • Review any prenatal care records obtained from other providers, if appropriate.

Listening to brother!

Listening to brother!

1st and 2nd Trimester Care

Monthly prenatal appointments will be held at the office and will be 60-90 minutes long. During our time we will…

  • Talk about any concerns you might have,

  • Listen to baby (usually after 12 weeks gestational age),

  • Monitor your overall progress,

  • Provide education on pregnancy and birth related topics so you can make informed choices surrounding your birth.

3rd Trimester Care

In the third trimester, the appointments begin to emphasize helping you get prepared for the birth of your baby.

  • Appointments become biweekly from 28 weeks through 35 weeks of care.

  • The 36th week visit will be held at your home. The birth attendant will accompany me so you can meet her. If anyone else is planning to be at your birth, we ask them to come to this appointment. We will also go over birth supplies and your desires for your birth.

  • Weekly prenatal care will continue from 36 weeks until your baby is born.

  • Additional lab work including options for Group B Strep; Glucose tolerance testing; Rh antibody screening (if applicable), and a CBC.

  • Going over informed consent on newborn care and procedures.


Labor and Birth

Labor and birth is as unique as a thumb print! Your care during this time should individualized for your needs and wants. During prenatal care we focused on nurturing your mothering intuition. During labor and birth we continue to provide you support to listen to your body as it learns how to give birth to new baby.

Call the midwife

On Call

Heidi and her birth assistant will be on call for you from 37 weeks until you have your baby. When they are on call for you, they limit their travel distance to about 2 hours from the office. During this time Heidi is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. During your prenatal care she will discuss when to “call the midwife.”

Heidi is available during normal business hours for non-emergency calls or texts throughout pregnancy.


When labor starts, Heidi would like you contact her with the first inkling of labor. At this point you will discuss how far into labor you are and what the next steps are. If you are in early labor she may discuss coping techniques, rest and nourishment. Once you are in active labor, she will come to you to help monitor the baby and your well-being and offer comfort measures if needed. Toward the end of labor, Heidi will call in her assistant and get prepared for birth!

chickadee with aspen

Saying hello!

Saying hello!


Have you thought about where you want to give birth? Or do you want the flexibility to choose in the moment? You may give birth on your bed or on the floor, in water or standing up! During labor and birth we are there to support, offering encouragement and optimal position options during birth. We monitor both you and the baby throughout the process.

While most home births are uncomplicated, Heidi is trained to handle birth complications. In addition, she and her birth assistant are trained in neonatal resuscitation.

Immediate Postpartum

Right after the baby is born, we place baby on your chest so you may say hello! When it is time, we will deliver the placenta. If you had a water birth, we will get you out of the tub when you are ready. Vitals are given on both mother and baby at regular intervals. Once the family has had time to bond (at least an hour, if not longer) we will offer to have the umbilical cord cut (by you or a family member or us) or we can do a cord burning (see picture). We will then proceed to do the newborn exam including weighing and measuring the baby.



Postpartum Care

“A week in bed, a week on the bed, a week around the bed”

In Colonial America, it was common for women to have a “lying in period” of three to four weeks following a birth.

In China, after giving birth new mothers are expected to be “sitting the month” or zuo yuezi. The goal is to restore the mother’s yin and yang after childbirth, and to strengthen the baby. 

In Japan, the magic number of weeks is three.  Loosely translated, ansei means “peace and quiet with pampering.” 

In Malaysia, women observe a pantang period of 30 to 44 days, depending on whether their heritage is Chinese or Indian. Some practices include hiring a traditional masseuse (bidan) to massage and bind the belly with a special postnatal corset (bengkung).

How can we support you during your postpartum care?

lady and infant.jpg

How big is baby?

Day 1 Through Day 7

It is important to say in bed after having a baby! So during the first week after birth, we come to you for your postpartum care. We offer a 24-hour visit, 3-day visit and 7 day visit in the comfort of your bedroom. During this care we focus on . . .

Newborn Care

Mother care

  • check newborn vitals including weight

  • look at latch during nursing

  • offer the 24 hour Colorado State Metabolic Screen (heel prick blood test)

  • offer the CCHD screening (oxygen levels of newborn to help check for heart defects)

  • and admire baby of course!

  • checking in about how the first day/night went

  • working on nursing/feeding including helping with latch and positioning

  • checking on mother’s healing

  • run a set of vitals

  • check for postpartum depression

  • check in with family to see how they are adjusting

  • answer any questions!

Heidi is still on call for you during your postpartum period and additional appointments are available if the need arises.

Weeks 2 Through 6

The 2-week, 4-week (optional) and 6-week mother and baby postpartum care will continue at the office. We will continue to provide education and community resources. On occasion, we offer a 3-month follow up to see how everything is going.

Mother Care

  • continued emotional and physical support

  • check on mother’s healing

  • continue to offer nursing/feeding support

  • how and when to resume normal activities

    • when to start exercising

    • preparing to go back to work

    • intimacy

  • answering questions

Newborn Care

  • infant vitals

  • offer the second Colorado State metabolic screen (heel prick test)

Additional Support

  • Suggestions about:

    • Sleep

    • baby carriers

    • diapering

    • growth spurts