Heidi was able to bring new insight and offer alternative views to each situation: I felt so empowered!~The Sentena Family

Heidi was my incredible doula for the birth of my son, Gabriel. She was with me throughout my entire pregnancy, offering her support and bringing clarity to the experience. Gabriel is my second baby – my first was breech and was delivered via c-section when I went into labor during my 37th week. I had never planned on a c-section and so I had never thought to hire a doula, and how I wished I had one with me when my husband and I showed up at the hospital! There were so many things we didn’t understand but, it being our first baby, we were overwhelmed and did not totally understand our rights, or what questions we should ask. I was determined to change that with my next pregnancy!

I hired Heidi sometime after the 20th week. It was beyond wonderful to be able to contact her after each doctor appointment to discuss the details and understand my options. My goal was to have a VBAC and while my doctor was completely supportive, Heidi was able to bring new insight and offer alternative views to each situation: I felt so empowered!
We had a slight scare at week 32 and Heidi –amazing as always- showed up to the hospital and was with us during our brief six hour stay. Heidi was able to help us form questions to ask our caretakers – something I definitely could not have done on my own. 
My due date was Christmas day, and Heidi had encouraged me to wait to have the baby until after December 19th, as that was the day she would be celebrating the holiday with her family…so, of course, labor began late on the 18th! Heidi and her backup doula arrived in the wee hours of the morning of the 19th and helped me to labor at home until I could no longer wait: the baby, it transpired, was posterior and the contractions were unlike anything I had ever experienced and I became desperate for some relief. Heidi not only coached me through those very painful and difficult contractions by helping to change the words of the mantra I was chanting, but when I felt completely shattered and broken by the pain, she supported my resolve to depart from my natural birth plan and ask for the epidural. This incredible doula not only celebrated Christmas with her family, she CAME BACK to the hospital and helped spur labor into action (I had stalled), and coached me on how to push to make progress.

As if that wasn’t enough, she was able to photograph the actual birth for me, and the incredible moment when my husband and I first met our son.  I am overwhelmed at her commitment and support for her clients. She is a warrior doula, and she and her services are worth their weight in gold!

Heidi Hennigan